Protecting Your Eyes

This product was given to me for review, but all opinions are 100% my own. 
Being a student, a soon-to-be-published author, and a blogger, I spend more than my fair share of time on the computer. I know it’s bad for my eyes, but it’s almost a necessary evil at this point in my life. After hours of staring at the screen, sometimes, I can feel it in my eyes.protecting your eyes
I have a pair of reading glasses, but they don’t work for the computer screen. Well, they do for reading, but they don’t take the strain off my eyes as much as digital glasses. With that being said, I was more than happy to try some from Phonetic Eyewear. Well, I was more than happy to try because a part of me was a little skeptical.
Thankfully, I had a card with my eye prescription on it, so I was able to scan it and send it to them to get accurate glasses. I’m farsighted (I see things far away), so my glasses are a bit different than you pick up at the store.
When I was ordering these, the lady I worked with, Colleen, mentioned something called blue light on digital screens. I had heard of it before, but when my glasses came in, I realized just how powerful that blue light is. I was sitting at the table, reading on my nook, accidentally bumped my glasses when brushing some hair away, and I realized that for half a split second, the screen actually looked bluer after I stopped using the glasses.
Maybe I’m just easily impressed (though some will tell you I’m not), but I thought that was really kind of cool. The glasses I have (the ones up above) are really stylish and I love them. They won’t replace my regular glasses though. I use my old glasses (my reading glasses) at night when I drive. Thanks to my mom, I have a lovely little stigmatism, and the lights on cars – the scope on which the glare extends beyond the actual light is always much bigger because of my stigmatism. With my normal glasses, the light is cut down to what I assume is supposed to be normal.
With the glasses from Phonetic Eyewear, I just saw blue glare. Oops. Either way, these glasses are great for the computer. Yes, carrying three pairs of glasses (normal glasses, digital glasses, and the all important sunglasses) is a pain sometimes because I forget one pair of the other, but taking care of my eyes is important. As a writer and reader, my eyes are super important.
So, even if you don’t own digital glasses, make sure you take care of your eyes. You’ll be thankful for it later.

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