Q1 2023 Recap

The older I get, the more I wonder, “Is every single week supposed to be this exhausting?” Between never ending changes at work (while also reminding myself to be grateful I still have work), struggles with my autoimmune disease, and the whole damn world, it’s hard to find a lot of time lately to feel inspired about anything.

Except hiding under the bed covers and watching Netflix dating shows. I’ve done my fair share of that and more in the last month or so. Either way, Q1 did not start out the way I thought it would. At all.

I tend to be optimistic when setting up my goals and that always bites me in the ass. But it never stops me from still trying to do more goals.

I set these goals up at the end of 2022, the week of the new year, really having no idea what was coming with my day job. As a writer, I hate that so much of my writing life is dependent on how I do at work. When I don’t do well, when I have low energy from dealing with people all day, it wears me out. Now that I’m taking phone calls all day, too, it drains me even more.

So many of my goals were built on thinking I’d be in my old role. But with Q2, I’m hoping I’ve built in more time to accommodate for the changes. But I’ll talk about that another time.

Quarter One Goals:

GOAL 1:  write and edit Hit List  to publish later this year in 2023 good, better, best: write, edit, and send to beta readers.

I’m just crossing 50,000 words in this draft this weekend so we are very, very behind.

GOAL 2:  Consistently promote on social media to build up regular sales good, better, best: 5 sales a month, 10, 30.

I’ve seen sales every month this year, even though we’re not up to five sales. There have been years where I went months without selling a book, and that’s partly my fault and partly burn out. I really need a quarter where I go all in on this goal to see how well it goes.

And I’m not sure if that is possible in my current threshold.

GOAL 3:  Focus on building a happy and healthy life this doesn’t really have a good, better, best, but I am trying to track some personal things, like what I eat, how much I drink alcohol, when I take my medicine and when I work out.

This one is hard to score, so I’m not sure how I did. I ended up getting really sick at the end of February and with all the changes, it felt a lot like starting, failing, and restarting. Never long enough to go consistently.

I still moved forward on all my goals, just at the pace of a turtle. So here we go onto the next quarter.

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