Q1 2023 Update #1

I’m one month into 2023, and this year already is giving me some emotional whiplash in so many ways. I’m trying to stay positive. I’m trying to focus on my goals, regardless of what is happening. Because the things that are happening are things I can’t control, while I can bury my head down and get to work on these goals. The ones I want.

Over the past few quarters, I’ve enjoyed using the HB90 system to set goals. It still feels like I’m trying to build that momentum, especially in my personal goals.

I didn’t go over my Q1 goals last month, since I focused on what the whole year goals were. However, these goals probably aren’t that different from previous quarters, since these are all goals I’m working on long-term.

GOAL 1: write and edit Hit List to publish later this year in 2023 good, better, best: write, edit, and send to beta readers just hit 10k in the draft, so we’re barely on target for good.

GOAL 2: Consistently promote on social media to build up regular sales good, better, best: 5 sales a month, 10, 30 (it’s hard to sell books) honestly, I sold 3 books last month. So progress, cause I’ve had months I didn’t sell books at all.

GOAL 3: Focus on building a happy and healthy life this doesn’t really have a good, better, best, but I am trying to track some personal things, like what I eat, how much I drink alcohol, when I take my medicine and when I work out. I rejoined the gym at the end of 2022, made it a few times, and then screwed up my foot. I’m hoping to get back to this next week after winter weather is gone

This goal is big for me with 30 coming up in November. I want to be a better version of myself when that happens.

There are a few other goals that have popped up for me in the last month that are pressing, but aren’t ones I want to share, at least not now. In due time, I will, but those are things I want to keep secret for now.

Most of my goals are related to writing anyway!

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