Q2 Goals Update #1

Hello May, aka, the real beginning of summer here in Texas. I’ve already been to the pool a handful of times, and I spent this past weekend with family, celebrating my baby brother’s graduation with a party.

April was a doozy of a month, with more changes at my day job that I was not prepared for, and man, I really wish I could take a sabbatical for six months from my job and just write. 

In March, I set up a few goals I knew I had for the quarter, with the intention of somehow getting them all done. Ambition is my game, execution is my weakness, y’all. 

GOAL 1:  write and edit Hit List  to publish later this year in 2023 good, better, best: write, edit, and send to beta readers.

Update: I got about 20,000 words done this month, so it was good, but I need to really finish this draft. I have all of next week off and my plan is to finish this damn draft once and for all. After that, I’ll focus on another idea for a bit before coming back to really tidy this draft up.

GOAL 2:  Consistently promote on social media to build up regular sales good, better, best: 5 sales a month, 10, 30.

I’ve seen sales every month this year, even though we’re not up to five sales. There have been years where I went months without selling a book, and that’s partly my fault and partly burn out. I really need a quarter where I go all in on this goal to see how well it goes.

Update: I jinxed myself with that last paragraph, we’ll just say that.

GOAL 3:  Focus on building a happy and healthy life this doesn’t really have a good, better, best, but I am trying to track some personal things, like what I eat, how much I drink alcohol, when I take my medicine and when I work out.

Update: I did pretty well at this the first week, had a huge change (again) at work the second week, and really came out of that funk of change in the last few days. So, we’re back to tracking all the things and trying to really improve the day-to-day outside of work. 

The next two months, I’ve got lots of family and travel planned, so I really hope those two things will help with my stress levels, getting away from work and enjoying life. 

And writing a book or two. 

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