Q3 Goals

Q3 2022 Goals

This year has been a doozy. There’s no other way to describe it and lately I’ve struggled with the millennial “the world is doomed” mind set. Is every year for the rest of my life supposed to be this exhausting?

I’m really terrified that the answer is, “yes.” Which is why I try really hard to not to ask myself that question. Truly a time where ignorance is bliss. However, it’s time to get back to work. I can’t lie – the momentum I had back in 2019 (2019 was probably the best year of my life) was absolutely destroyed with the pandemic and my move shortly before.

Last month, I moved out of my little pandemic apartment. It was time and as much as I loved living alone, I had lost all my self-accountability and motivation. So it was time for a change. I no longer live alone and a new space have me feeling a wee bit motivated again, and sometimes that’s all you need toget going again.

This quarter, I’m planning based on the HB90 Method, which is from bestselling author Sarra Cannon. The method starts with three big goals and then breaks them down into goals and habits, so you aren’t spread too thin.

I actually planned to get started with this last quarter and it fell apart before my move. I might fail over and over again, but I keep trying. So this quarter I want to stick to it the whole way. I printed her planner, I set up a very rough Kanban board in my room, l’m tracking my time blocks to see how this goes. I’m ready to get this done. I’m ready to make some changes. I figured I’d share some goals today and check in at the end of the quarter to see how I did.

GOAL ONE: To write, edit, and build buzz around projects, like Justice and Lies and a secret project to increase sales.

Projects list:

  • outline new project
  • write new project
  • edit Justice and Lies
  • publish Justice and Lies

GOAL 2: To consistently post on social media to build audience in both Patreon and on my email newsletter, which will lead to more sales.

Projects list:

  • social media planning each week
  • Patreon posting each week
  • email newsletter each week
  • Justice and Lies marketing plan, including blog posts
  • one reel/tiktok a week

GOAL 3: to move my body, eat better, and take note of emotions every day to feel better and lose weight.

Habits list

  • log into WW everyday
  • take morning meds
  • take evening meds
  • wash face twice a day
  • go to the gym 3-4x a week
  • log weight each week
  • read 12 books (mental health is health and books make my mental health better)

I know that losing weight as a goal can be “controversial” but it’s needed. I’ve gained too much weight in the last few years as a combination of depression + the pandemic + my thyroid. Losing weight will help my thyroid function better and make me feel better. I’m 28 and I can feel the weight in my joints. This isn’t about looking better, though that is a nice side-effect, this is about losing weight to get control of my life back. This quarter is about getting control back in everything I do.

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