The Q3 Book Update

Since merging Ginger & Co. and Ginger & Books last year, I’ve found myself at odds about writing about my books. While I have an official website for my pen name that has all the “official” updates on my books, I really started blogging in high school as a way to connect with other readers and writers. Since then, I’ve moved my audience and found some new people, but I love these book updates.

The Quarter 3 Book Update

So for those of you who don’t know, I write novels under a pen name (mystery novels, to be specific). I use my novels a lot in examples when talking about writing tips, but I don’t actually give a lot of updates on how my writing is going.

My first two novels, The Assassin and Double Played, are both in a series together and right now I’m working on the third and fourth books. My plan is to release both in Spring 2018. Originally I had wanted to do late this year, but I still need some time to finalize everything. So I’d like to break down each book and where I’m at in those.

The third and fourth books, Justice & Lies and Hit List, respectively, take place very close together time wise, so I’ve been writing them in chunks together.

Justice & Lies

Right now, I’m not working on this one. I just finished a round of rewrites/edits and I’ll need to do one more I think before I’m happy with it. After that, it’ll go to the editor where she’ll help me with some typos and tighten the story up and it should be done. There is a lot of information that happens in this book, things that have been set up since The Assassin, and I’m feeling my own pressure to make sure I set it all up.

Hit List

Hit List is the fourth book and the last one, for now. The ending of this book has a nice ending that you can consider “the ending.” I plan to come back to the series, but as far as reader expectations go, it’ll fit the rest of the series. I’m currently rewriting it and will probably do one more round of reading/editing before I’m ready to publish it.

When are the books coming out?

This is a book I get a lot – the truth is, I don’t know yet. That’s the beauty of indie publishing, I can move and adjust my schedule as needed. I can publish one book a year, or I can publish two in a month and a half. Since these two books are so close together, I’m planning to release them close together.

What else is coming up soon?

So, sometime this year (I’m running out of time though, so we’ll see), I’d like to write a stand-alone novel. It’s an idea I’ve had since high school, so I’m excited to dig in and meet some new characters. I don’t know if I’ll ever publish it, but it will be a fun one to write, regardless.

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