Quarter 3 Check in #1

We’re one month into Q3 and I’m still excited, which is weird. Usually at this point, I would give up on the quarter and say “I’ll try again next quarter.” I am definitely team give up way too easily.

However, I am still moving forward this quarter and that means a lot. Now, I’m not going to lie, I am exhausted, so we’ll see how long I can continue to keep operating at the speed I am before I break down crying in the shower again.

Since there are three months in the quarter and the system I’m using includes a monthly review, I thought it would be fun to do that review and share it with you. And keep myself accountable.

I broke my three main goals up into projects this quarter and am constantly working on at least a few at a time.

GOAL ONE: To write, edit, and build buzz around projects, like Justice and Lies and a secret project to increase sales.

Projects list:

  • outline new project
  • write new project
  • edit Justice and Lies
  • publish Justice and Lies

While I did spend the first three weeks brainstorming and writing a new project, I never came up with a full outline or completed the draft. This was more a test run to see what I could do since it’s been so long since I wrote new characters.

I’ve taken a pause because it’s almost time to start edits again on Justice and Lies. I got some more feedback last week from a reader and the response is really good. It just gets me even more excited for this book to come out.

GOAL 2: To consistently post on social media to build audience in both Patreon and on my email newsletter, which will lead to more sales.

Projects list:

  • social media planning each week
  • Patreon posting each week
  • email newsletter each week
  • Justice and Lies marketing plan, including blog posts
  • one reel/tiktok a week

I’ve done pretty good at posting every week, but I think I missed one week. I have been increasing my reels and tiktoks, and my coffee reel got several thousand views last weekend. If only it included my book.

I’m going to be writing all my blog posts this upcoming weekend, so those will be done soon, too.

GOAL 3: to move my body, eat better, and take note of emotions every day to feel better and lose weight.

Habits list

  • log into WW everyday
  • take morning meds
  • take evening meds
  • wash face twice a day
  • go to the gym 3-4x a week
  • log weight each week
  • read 12 books (mental health is health and books make my mental health better)
  • I started out really well on all these goals and I’m better at all of them than I was three months ago, but getting your body back is a slow process. I don’t feel like I’m seeing progress, yet. This is the hard part, where I need to stay focused and not get discouraged on this because that won’t help either.
  • Though with 9 books read in July, I think I will hit the 12 book goal (what was I thinking with such a low goal for myself) easily.

This is the part where we’re in the weeds and I feel like the part where I could really lose track of what I need to do. Given that this is the first time I’m doing this system, I hope it helps me get through the weeds.

Fingers crossed.

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