Quarter 4 is Always the Busiest Time of the Year

Quarter 4 is always the busiest time of the year for me (who says life gets slow) and perhaps this year, I’m feeling that more than ever with the amount of PTO requests I have this quarter for a weekends.

Just in this quarter:

  • my boyfriend’s birthday
  • my dad’d birthday
  • NaNoWriMo
  • Texas Book Festival
  • My birthday
  • Birthday trip to Houston
  • Thanksgiving
  • a Baby Shower for a friend
  • Christmas

Yeah, it’ll be a busy three months, but I’m hoping to have the time of my life while it happens. I’m also hoping to get a lot done this writing wise, coming off the release of Justice and Lies.

This is the second quarter I’m really dedicating myself to the HB90 System, which was created by author Sarra Cannon. It’s a quarterly system and last quarter was the first quarter I really tried to focus every month. I attempted back in Q2 to do this, but with packing and moving, it fell apart halfway through the quarter.

The HB90 system has a few different ways of tracking your progress, including a daily planner and a Kanban Board. In Q3, I fell apart with the board about halfway through when I realized my work schedule was changing earlier than I was prepared for.

However, for the most part, I did stick with the planner, so I hope that I can carry that over and the board all the way until December 31st. 

That being said, with this method, you get three main goals, and break those goals down into projects and tasks.

My main goals aren’t much different than last quarter, because those are the main pillars of my life.

GOAL ONE: Plot and write a new story (probably a serial) to have it ready for a 2023 release. 

I have one goal for word count (good/better/best):

The idea is to have the first draft done this quarter, spend Q1 2023 working on the fourth Cassie book, and then get this done after.

GOAL TWO: To post on social media to grow sales and mailing list. I want to focus on Reels and TikTok as those are the most popular platforms right now.

I have two number goals (good/better/best):

Instagram: 700/850/1,000
TikTok: 200/400/600 followers

GOAL THREE: To heal my body and soul for 2023. 

These are personal goals, so I won’t share specific details. 

However, I really hope to keep this going. I want to end this year off in a good place to have a good 2023. 

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