Quarter Three Checkin #2

As I write this post, it’s currently raining here in Austin, which is so nice. It’s been a terribly hot summer and we need the rain. It’s definitely a curl up in bed with a book kind of day. I’m in the middle of an almost two week vacation from my day job, and this feels like the final push to finish Justice and Lies to get it out in September.

August was a stressful month in every aspect of my life and I’m glad to see it over. However, as we go into September and into Q4, I know that I’m not going to get much time off to catch my breath. September is the last push to finish tasks up for Q3 and starting planning for Q4.

I broke my three main goals up into projects this quarter (using the HB90 Method) and am constantly working on at least a few at a time.

GOAL ONE: To write, edit, and build buzz around projects, like Justice and Lies and a secret project to increase sales.

Projects list:

  • outline new project
  • write new project
  • edit Justice and Lies
  • publish Justice and Lies

I’ve edited about 40,000 words of Justice and lies, so a little less than half so far. While that seems like not a lot, I’m getting that done in just a few days. August was just so busy in every which way, it was not often I got to sit down and edit. With all these days off, I think it’s definitely possible to get it done in the next week.

GOAL 2: To consistently post on social media to build audience in both Patreon and on my email newsletter, which will lead to more sales.

Projects list:

  • social media planning each week
  • Patreon posting each week
  • email newsletter each week
  • Justice and Lies marketing plan, including blog posts
  • one reel/tiktok a week

The one I did best on was the emails and blog posts each week for marketing. I was pretty hit or miss with social media and totally failed at patreon posting.

The one interesting feedback was on Tiktok. I tried some advertising for a week, and while it got me lots of views, I got one sale from it. Whomp whomp. I’m sure it will take tinkering to get the advertising right, but I might need to put that on the shelf for now.

GOAL 3: to move my body, eat better, and take note of emotions every day to feel better and lose weight.

Habits list

  • log into WW everyday
  • take morning meds
  • take evening meds
  • wash face twice a day
  • go to the gym 3-4x a week
  • log weight each week
  • read 12 books (mental health is health and books make my mental health better)

My 12 books goal was for the quarter. I read thirteen just this month. So, I crushed that goal easily. I’ve been doing better at the morning meds and I’ve always been good with my evening meds. Have not gone to the gym once or logged into WW recently, whoops.

Writing feels like the biggest goal right now and I want to get that taken care of. When I go back to work, my day will begin later in the day, so I really need to make the most of that time this go around.

I’m excited for the next week and for this next month, and hopefully this book release!

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