Read & Recharge #1

My life has had a lot of adjustments in the past few weeks, and I’m finding that I really want to focus on simplicity in things I can control. A little more of my life in the blog, but a little more of inspiration, too: Read & Recharge.

Read and Recharge

My new job is a job that will probably provide some good stress later this year. I don’t want to get into specifics, but I work for an ad agency that specializes in non-profits and political campaigns. We don’t have any presidential clients, but this year is shaping up to be pretty crazy as far as election cycles go. Everything that happens at the presidential level has an effect on every other race – that’s just the name of the game. While I consume a lot of news for my job, sometimes it’s nice to just read things that aren’t related to the latest thing Donald Trump has said, or what may or may not happen with Hillary Clinton’s email server.

I’m also the new kid on the job (yes, I know we’re all adults, but I still call everyone kids), so being the new kid gives me some strange expectations on what I should learn (I’ve been told I know a lot of things they usually have to teach people, so there’s a plus), and the weird feeling that everyone knows who I am, and I know who no one is.

So, every week I’ll be giving updates on what’s going on in my life that week, what I’m looking forward to, and some of my favorite finds from the internet (most of these finds are a month or so old – but they won’t always be).

+ Kory has a great article on the #1 Mistake You’re Making With Your Brand (also, isn’t her new design to die for?)

+Now that I’m working a job, I found this article from Nora’s website to be super useful. I’ve been struggling with getting everything done during the day (Before I fall asleep)

+I don’t have a guest bathroom (I’m using the guest bathroom at my grandparents’ house right now), but this is a great article on what to include (Because I kind of suck at being a good host)

+another thing I really struggle with is making friends. Moving to a new city where I know no one (and live with family) makes it hard to meet people. I’m really trying to focus on what I need and what I want out of friendships, and this post from Rebecca at From Roses really put it in perspective

+A post on Linkedin has been on my to-do list since, um, well January? Either way, I think writing great descriptions of your job experiences is hard. Jamie has done a great job detailing how she writes awesome descriptions.


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