Last week was a big week for the book and I, at least on the public front. I’m hoping to finish the final round of edits this week, too. Y’all this is getting real.
If you missed my interview with Kristen on She’s Novel last week, you missed a pretty special gem, so I figured I’d share it today, along with some other fun tidbits. front-cover

Cassie Morgan is one of the brightest young stars in the FBI. Her latest assignment? Investigating Connor Anders, a rogue agent who is considered a living legend to some.
After a run-in with Anders goes wrong, Cassie is given a unique opportunity. Anders offers her a deal, hoping to keep the FBI off his own back. If he helps Cassie catch a serial killer known as The Assassin, she’ll stop investigating him. But working with on the other side of crime has consequences, and soon Cassie finds herself on The Assassin’s radar.
Now, Cassie and Anders must locate the killer and bring him down, all while keeping their partnership a secret and hiding Cassie so she isn’t The Assassin’s next victim.
I’m so excited for this upcoming month because there’s so much going on with this book. If you want to get some exclusive extras before the book comes out, be sure to sign up for #TeamTAB.

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