Senior Semester

It seems like every semester, I take time to break down my classes in the beginning, and I love this tradition. I’ll be sad to see it end, that’s for sure. I’m dubbing this year, “my senior semester” since it’s only a semester.
My Senior Semester
At this point, I’ve gone to each class once, and today I’ll start round two. Full week, too, and I’m not too thrilled about having classes five days a week after I was spoiled with three day weekends last year. Though, I’m only taking 12 hours this semester, so that’s nice.
This is the first time I’ve taken all mass communication classes, and I’m really excited about it. So, let’s break them down.
Sales and Marketing: I’m not sure what I think of this class yet. This is a class focused more on the advertising side of my degree, which isn’t really what I’m interested in. I’ve had the professor before, so I feel like I’ll be set for this class.
Advanced Writing for PR and Advertising: This is an online class, and I’ll be honest, I wish it wasn’t. The first writing class was really easy for me because copywriting and press releases are my niche, I can do that stuff. Hopefully, this class will be similar.
Campaigns: This is going to be an awesome class, I think. I have a lot of friends in this class, and we’ll be working in groups to make presentations for a client in the community.
Priority One: This is the class i’m most excited for. Basically, it’s a class of twelve students running a PR firm. We’ll host events, work with clients, and do so much more. Our faculty advisor spend a career in politics, which I think is exciting, and we’ll have the opportunity to meet many people in the PR field, but in different areas.
For the first few days, I was afraid I’d be bored with only twelve hours, and only nine in class. After finishing my first days, especially with Priority One, I don’t think that’ll be a problem. Between that and finding a job for post-graduation, I’ll be plenty busy.

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