September Goals

Man, I say it every month, but doesn’t life just go by so fast? I gotta say, in terms of blogging, August was way better than July. I’m still working on getting ahead so there’ll still be content when it comes around to Election Day, but after that, I feel like life will be nice and relaxed for a few months. Can’t say I’m not looking forward to it.
August proved to be the hardest month yet, in fact last week was the most insane week at work so far. Lots of developments in campaigns, and by the end of the week I was so busy, it was crazy.
September Goals
Election Day is going to be absolutely insane.
I’m partly terrified and partly excited. I know it’s only one day, but the lead up is intense.
But enough about that. I have plenty of other things happening in life, like releasing my second book last week!


-Get ahead. Yesterday I was moved off an account to dedicate more time to a different one, so I’m hoping to dedicate more time and really get ahead with everything
-start brainstorming ideas for November.


One last round to look for typos on Double Played
Post-production on Double Played 
-Begin rewrites on Justice & Lies
celebrate one year of Laura Teagan!


-start working on some posts I can use later on, like during election time.
I think I have an editorial schedule I can work with. I just need to spend a day writing it all!
-continue moving Ginger & Books posts to the Ginger & Co. name
-take one Saturday to write all the blog posts!


-move? I think I actually found a place to move to!
-eat better. The past week and a half has been bad in regards to eating. I think I may try the Paleo diet when I move. Something to think about.
-social life!
So, I feel like I made a lot of progress toward most of these goals in August, but didn’t actually complete them all. September will be a busy month, as I’m moving tomorrow! I’ll go back home to load everything up, then Saturday morning, my dad and I will come back to Austin to move me into my apartment.
This is the first time since I graduated that I’ll be in my own place and responsible for things like grocery shopping, and taking care of my own place. I’m excited, but I’m not excited about paying the rent.
Here’s to adulting, right?
So here’s what I have on my plate for September.


-End of quarter fundraising, seems like I just finished that for the last quarter, and here were are again!

The book

-start rewrites on Justice & Lies

The blog

-keep working on posts so I get ahead in time for the Election Day (ideally, I’d love to have all  of those done by the end of the month. I have a feeling I’ll have a lot more time once I move).
-launch my first email e-course (fingers crossed for next week!)
-continue moving Ginger & Books to Ginger & Co.


-MOVE. TOMORROW. And Saturday
-Get settled into my new apartment
-start going on bike rides
-purge my closet, after I combine them all
My goals are kind of slim this month as I’m merely focusing on moving and staying above water, and I think October will be the same.
What are your goals for September?

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