Social Writer: Pinterest

I’ve talked in the past about how Pinterest can help authors with plotting, but Pinterest can do a lot more for authors. Since deciding to publish The Assassin under a pen name, I’ve created a new social media account for Laura Teagan on every platform.
Social Writer: Pinterest
Let me be honest, for the Ginger & Co. brand, Pinterest is by far my favorite and most popular platform, but I don’t feel like I ever took to a specific strategy to pinning.
For Laura Teagan, I created some pretty specific boards for different types of writing – plotting, general craft, editing, etc. I also had some storyboards from my first Pinterest account that I added Laura Teagan to, and I’ve been pinning a lot to my TA board.
Because Pinterest is so visual, I feel like there’s a lot more room to have fun on Pinterest. I love discovering new things, and that’s what Pinterest is – a visual search engine.
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Pinterest now has this “smart feed” that shows you pins based on what it considers to be a “good pinner.” To be a good pinner, you want to have repins and pin content that’s popular. For a craft standpoint (creating storyboards), this isn’t all that critical, you should have fun with that.
But for building a following, you need to share content. There are some great blogs about writing that you can share from (I can only hope mine is one of them, right?), and this is really where you get noticed.
When it comes to writing, people are always looking for advice and techniques to try. By sharing pins that cover these topics, you’re going to have them discover you, and follow you.
Another fun thing is that Pinterest has recently launched “buyable” pins. I haven’t looked into it too much, but I think it would be really cool to eventually link my books up to that and have people be able to purchase a book on Pinterest.
If there’s a social media platform that you can just have fun on and not necessarily “Follow strategy,” I’d say it’s Pinterest. So, go, create some boards with advice, create some boards with plot ideas, and have fun.

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