TGBT: Starting a Blog

Today is the first real day of the blogging series! And with everything in life, we must start at the very beginning (a very good place to start! [You know you just sang along with that!]). You can’t take any blog advice without one big thing: a blog.
Starting a Blog

Before you start a blog though, there’s one big question you need to ask yourself. Why do you want to blog? Think about it and really think about it. You want to know why I started blogging? To have a platform to talk about my book and writing. Obviously, life has taken this blog and made it so much more for me, but when I started way back in 10th grade with Howdy Girl (called Lala Land back then), that was the point of my blog.

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So, you need to determine the reason behind your blog. Are you a makeup guru and want to teach people how to do winged eyeliner? Are you a new mom who’s far away from her family and wants to share baby pictures with them all the time? Your “why” for blogging will determine your outcome and your path in blogging.

A makeup guru is a lot more likely to push out content and accept sponsors and grow as a brand than the new mom. In Mary Kay, we talk a lot about being intentional. You need to be intentional about blogging too, and finding your “why” for blogging will help you get there.

If you want to be successful with blogging, you need to be intentional about what you do with blogging. And before you go starting a blog, you need to be intentional by finding what you want to blog and write about.

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