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stock photos

Lately I’ve been using a lot of stock photos, like the one above. For those who may not know, stock photos are photos you can use, that you didn’t actually take. Some you pay for, but you can find a lot of free ones online too. This isn’t a post about where to find stock photos, though I’ll list some at the bottom. More this is a post on why I’ve decided to switch and why you should consider switching too.

1. Your Photography Skills

If you’re like me and not totally thrilled with your photography skills, stock photos are a great alternative to get awesome images on your blog. Most of these are gorgeous and have unique perspectives I wouldn’t have thought of. Also, the lighting in my apartment isn’t very good, so I never get that lighting (I’m a sucker for lighting in a photo).

2. Time

For a while, I was shooting all my blog pictures on one day, and then writing posts as I went along. This semester, though, has proven to be busier than I thought and on the weekends, I’m working on papers and lots of writing assignments, taking away photography time. It’s nice to know I’ll still have the option of photos that look super nice, without worrying about time.

3. Consistency

Recently I went back and made my series posts all feature the same style, and the same photos for the same series. I feel like this brings constancy to my blog, which is something I’m always craving. It also allows people on social media, like Pinterest, to see my photos and know that the photo comes from a Ginger + Co. post.
Now that I’ve talked about three reasons to consider stock photos, let me list a few of my favorites:
-Death to Stock Photos
what are some of your favorite places to snag some awesome stock photos? 

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