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Tech Toys for the Holidays

Tech Toys for the Holidays
This post is sponsored by Walmart and Acorn Influence, but all opinions are my own. 

I am a tech lover. When I was younger, I remember going with my dad to Best Buy all the time. I’ve always thought it was amazing how technology changes so much for us, and how it can help us.
So, when I had the opportunity to go see the latest tech toys for Christmas, I had to say yes. I know, the holidays are still two months away, but I’m a planner. So even if I don’t buy all my presents until December, I’m already thinking about what to get. And because I’m a tech girl, I love looking at all the tech stuff. There were plenty of tablets, including this leveno tablet I got to play with. Ever since I joined the dark side of the Mac (even before that, really), I’ve been somewhat skeptical of Windows.
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This was a Windows tablet, and while I’ve thought the tile thing was tacky on a desktop, it worked really well on the tablet. The speaker quality was pretty nice, too. My little android tablet has really bad speaker quality, so if I were to get one of these, that would be a definite plus.lenovo-tablet
The event also had Go Pro cameras. While I don’t know what I would use it for, I could see my cousin getting a kick out of it as she backpacks across Europe (after she did it in South America).
I also got to see the Canon camera, and while I wouldn’t buy it (I have a more advanced version of it myself), I would totally recommend it as a starter DSLR.canon-camera
One tech gift that they had that totally surprised me with the Samsung phone. I am a Apple fan, but I’ll admit it when they don’t always do their best. The Samsung phone was really cool. While I couldn’t figure out how to work some of the stuff, there were cool features, like the curved screen and the wireless charging. For about half a day, I actually thought about getting one (I eventually got the iPhone 6).samsung
My favorite tech gift though, was the fitbit. I have a fitbit and I absolutely love it. They just came out with a fitbit watch, and the guy at the table did a wonderful demonstration of how durable the watch is. He yanked the watch off of his wrist, threw it on the table, and asked “who can do that with their Apple Watch?” Point noted.fitbit
Regardless of what tech brand you like, there’s plenty of awesome tech toys that are out there, one for everyone on your Christmas list. Have someone who isn’t a tech fan? Check out #chosebykids to find even more inspiration for your holiday list.

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