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The Assassin and its Refresh

assassin-final the assassin front

20 year-old Cassie Dreandry is at the top of her game. As one of the brightest and youngest FBI agents, Cassie’s life has been filled with secrets and mystery. Unable to solve her own mystery, Cassie dedicates her time to solving others’.
When a case goes south, Cassie learns just how harsh the politics of crime can be. Determined to solve the mystery, Cassie turns to a young man, Connor, who knows more about her case than he’s willing to share. The two must work together to stop an escaped serial killer: a man named Brent Rossett, best known as The Assassin.
As the country waits in fear for the Assassin to be captured, Cassie feels the personal effects of hunting a serial killer as Rossett assures her she’ll be the next victim – once he finds her alone.
With the help of Connor and the FBI, Cassie must stay one step ahead, unless she’s going to be the next victim of the Assassin.
I’m also celebrating the release of the new cover for The Assassin with my new website, Laura Toeniskoetter | New Adult Author, woohoo! I’ll still be doing most of my main blogging here, but earlier this summer, I ditched the two websites to have just one and now, I’m feeling the need for a separate space for my writing and author life to have its own place. So, be sure to check me out over there too!

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