The Importance of Taking a Sick Day

Do you feel guilty during the week or on the weekend when you just feel too fatigued and exhausted to the point that you are dreading going to work or school? Then I have a crazy tip to share with you. It’s so easy but you’ll say, “I can’t do that” but you can do it. Take a mental health day or “sick” day. Learn the importance of taking a sick day.
The Importance of Taking a Sick Day
Self-care has become a buzzword for everyone in the past couple years. Whether you’re a mom, student, employee or creative it is promoted as something you need to focus more on. However, I’ve found that there is a lack of practical tips for self-care or explanation for why it matters. It’s easy to say take care of yourself or suggest the basics of diet, exercise and sleep to a person, but for most people it goes well beyond that. Self-care is about more than your physical body, it’s about your mental and spiritual side too.
That’s why I want to tell you about the power of the mental health day or “sick” day.

What’s a Mental Health Day?

Growing up, my mom would let us take mental health days from school. It wasn’t something we did often but it was worth it when we did. Mental Health days are simple; it’s a break from your everyday life. We often live our lives on fast forward and a antidepressants Mental Health day is a quick way to hit pause or a least slow motion to take in our lives and adjust or recharge. It’s like a Lazy Sunday but during the work week.

When Should You Take a Mental Health Day? 

Are you in a state somewhere between crying uncontrollably, pulling your hair out, or wanting to yell at everyone around you? That’s a BIG sign that you need a break. But for some people the signs are more subtle because their emotions are not as outwardly noticeable. Learn your signs and emotions to help you best decide when a antidepressants Mental Health day is needed. Did you just pull off a big project at work or take an important exam for school? Often, after big events we all need time to breathe and relax before jumping into the next project.
Taking a “sick” day is something that you should do very consciously. I’m not an advocate for just skipping school or work whenever you feel like it because then your responsibilities are dropped on another person and that isn’t fair to them.

What Should You Do on Your Mental Health Day?

Short answer: Whatever you want.

Read a book. Binge watch a show on Netflix (I suggest The Crown). Go for a walk or go shopping. Pamper yourself with a manicure and pedicure. Clean the house if that relieves your stress or is relaxing to you (more power to you cause I can barely get my laundry done on a normal day!). Just don’t think about work or school. The point is that you need a break and it really isn’t a break if you’re still focused on your stressors. (Yes, I know it is VERY hard).

The Importance of Taking a Sick Day

(Even When I Don’t Have Time to Take a Mental Health Day)

Only you can decide what is good for your life at the moment, but the lasting effects of stress can be hard to beat. Eventually, you have to decide when enough is enough and you’re going to do something for you. This “sick” day is meant to give you time to breathe, reevaluate, recharge and plan for what’s next. No one can go at full speed every day without taking a break to refuel.

Sometimes you may feel like you just can’t take a “sick” day because you’re in the middle of a semester or your workload is really heavy right now. Instead, set aside time every day just for you. It can be as small as watching a show (I usually find that an hour of TV time helps me to feel a bit more relaxed) or reading a book or some blog posts.

I also recommend leaving work at work and learning when to close your textbooks. Yes, as a college student you always have homework to be done, but at some point, you’re actually creating a negative effect when you’re constantly studying because you aren’t taking in and retaining that information.

Have you taken a mental health day? 

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