The New Laura Teagan Website

The New

October has been a busy month, but September was pretty busy, too. Behind the scenes, when I wasn’t sick, I spent a lot of time rebuilding my website. Back in, like, April, my website got hacked and they broke a lot stuff on my website. Codes weren’t working, pages didn’t load right, I couldn’t log into the back end and update anything.

I ended up moving web hosts and paying someone to clean the website out so that it’s not hacked anymore. What. a. mess. Lordy.

But over last month, while I was waiting for some feedback, I ended up rebuilding the website, re-designing a lot of pages, rewriting copy, etc. This was a big project that happened fast and today I wanted to take time to point out some new and improved things and some things that are still coming.

The New Laura Teagan Website

Better than Before

1. It’s Easier to Search – I’m a big believer that a website is pretty useless if you can’t find the search bar. And now, it’s right at the top so if you’re looking for something specific, it’s easier than ever to find it. It’s also easier to look through the archives and get an idea of what I’ve covered in the past few years.

2. Cleaner and Brighter Look – While I love the dark colors of past designs (and l’m a big #darkmode girl), there’s something to be said for white space.

3. Recommendations – I consume a lot of content. From apps, to books, to TV shows and podcasts, I’ve got a long list of things I can recommend. I’ve added a page of some of my favorites that you can see here. I’ll be adding more here in the near future.

4. Updated Reading List – I finally updated my 2019 reading list! It’s a shorter list, but it feels good to be caught up and show what I’ve read recently. My current read is Little Fires Everywhere. 

5. Bullets and Bylines – Bullets and Bylines has its own page with information now and I’ll be adding the release date for it very soon. But the fact it has its own dedicated page means it’s official, right?

6. Frequently Asked Questions – There’s a reason for this page and I finally took time to update it. The last time it was updated, Airtime and Alibis, wasn’t released. Oops. It’s been updated and expanded!

The updates are over yet and I have more things I’ll be adding by the end of the year!

Coming Soon

7. Information on Cameras and Confessions – This book will be out before the end of the year, so that means you need information on it, right? It’s hard to spoil too many things before Bullets and Bylines is out, but this is going to happen.

8. Information on Justice and Lies – YUP. This is happening. Besides edits on Bullets and Bylines and Cameras and Confessions, Justice and Lies is the next book I’m writing. It’s crazy to think about, to be totally honest. I’m curious to see what the transition will be like for me, editing with one character and writing another. Can I keep Cassie’s sass away from Emily? God I hope so.

9. Information on how you can get Airtime and Alibis for free – This is coming in December, so stay put with me!

10. Writing Resources – I’ve talked about why I don’t cover writing tips here, but I’m hoping to build a page with links to some great resources, apps, blog posts, books, etc, that have helped me. This is a page that’ll continually evolve, so I’m excited to start working on it.

All of these changes have been designed so that hopefully, 2020 will be more focused on writing. I want this website to be easier to use and to be a place people come to! So keep up and you’ll find lots of good information here.


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