Using Evernote: IFTTT

IFTTT is a web service that acts like a bridge between apps. If you haven’t already, check this out, because it’s amazing. I’m dedicating a whole week to this on Evernote, because it has really helped automate my Evernote account. While you can use Evernote with hundreds of apps through IFTTT, I’m going to talk about the few I use.
Using Evernote with IFTTT
Trello: For my VA services, I have a Trello board with my clients. Because I’m not always checking Trello, I linked it to IFTTT, and now, whenever someone creates a new card or task for me in Trello, it’ll show up in my Evernote account. Which I check constantly.
Fitbit: With IFTTT, I’ve created a running log of everyday I’ve had my fitbit. Every night, Fitbit creates a log in an Evernote binder and I’ll have access to it for, well, forever.
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Instagram: Like fitbit, Instagram is creating a log of all the photos I post in Evernote. A lot of these logs are created just in case I need them. I don’t check them often, but it’s better to have it just in case, right?
There’s so many things you can do with IFTTT that I don’t actually use. There’s one for adding a list of homes that go on sale in your area. It’ll create a note with information about each. You can make a running list of links of articles you’ve added to buffer.
You can use IFTTT to log meeting notes from Google Calendar, automatically forward emails with specific tags to Evernote, and if you use Pocket, IFTTT will create a PDF version and log it into Evernote. So, essentially, you could bookmark things with pocket and not have the app. Pretty nifty, yes?
If you can’t find a recipe, you can easily create one.
They also had a recipe (that’s what the connections are called) for Todoist, but recently Todoist and Evernote created a sync straight to one another. This is by far, my most used trick for Evernote. When I make a note in Evernote, I can set a reminder to it. If the reminder is in a notebook that I’ve linked to Todoist, it’ll show up as a to-do in Todoist.
Even if Evernote itself doesn’t do something, you can connect it to so many different apps to make it even better. If you’re interested in seeing all the recipes for Evernote, you can check them out here. IFTTT truly takes the steps out of so many mundane tasks and it boosts Evernote to a higher level!

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