Using Evernote: Pick Your Plan

The Evernote series is back! Today, we’re covering the basics, like getting started. We’ll talk about setting up your account and the plans.
Using Evernote: Pick Your Plan
Setting up your account in quick and easy. Just head on over to the Evernote website. Here you can choose to download the app (which is what I use most of the time) or you can click the little three bars to pull out the menu (and wave hi to Adam from Mythbusters if you get him).
Here you’ll sign up and set up your account. And you’re all set! But first, let’s break down the three types of accounts.evernote-homepage
Basic – this is your generic, freebie account. When you’re starting out, this is totally fine. You get syncing everywhere (they have apps for almost every platform – including the Apple Watch).
Plus – I was on Plus for a few months, and I really like it. You get everything out of basic, but my favorite features were offline notebooks (Great if you have a tablet and like to read articles on the road) and the ability to email your emails to Evernote.
Premium – I use premium. For as much as I use Evernote, there is no reason not to be on premium. You can turn notes into presentations, you have unlimited uploads (60MB with basic, 1GB with plus), and there’s this cool feature called context. It shows you related notes from your account and from across the web. Once this trial is up, I may just pay for premium and stick with it.

Read the breakdown on each here.

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I’d suggest starting out with basic and working with that until you outgrow it, unless you see something specific you know you need on a paid plan (or you’re like me and never use things until you pay for them and actually feel the need).

The three tier system is a great way to gradually grow up – and they actually just rolled it out a few months ago. You used to just have basic and premium. The Plus option is the great way to get more out of your Evernote account, but you don’t necessarily want to take it all the way to Premium.

For now, when you sign up, start with basic and get familiar. Next week, we’ll talk about setting up a system that works for you. I’ll show you a peek of my system and point you in the direction of a few other systems you can look at.

Evernote is all about finding a routine that works for you.

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