Using Evernote: Why I Picked It

I’ve been using Evernote for almost four years now. I actually joined back in September of 2011. I was never quite devoted to it until a year and a half ago, and then in March, Laney (one of the G&C contributors) convinced me to give Onenote a try. So, I did.
Using Evernote: Why I Picked It
When I came back to Evernote, I read everything I could about using it to its fullest capacity. Am I there? Nope, and I probably will never be. That’s why I love it so much, it’s full of possibilities.
It’s a program that can follow me to whatever job I may end up with after I graduate. The tools I can use to incorporate into are great.
When I started using Evernote, it was just an app for me to jot notes down in. Now, it’s like a secondary brain, where I can dump things and forget about them in my real brain, because space is tight in there. I’ve used the app to take notes in the middle of the night based on dreams I had, even though they were total gibberish. I’ve used it to create screenshots of things I want to save.
I, like others, really do think of Evernote as my digital brain, because it can store just about anything. Audio clips, PDFs, lists, articles. Almost anything digital, and Evernote can handle it. Besides Scrivener, where I write my novels, Evernote is my favorite app.
So, tell me, why do you use Evernote?

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