Using iCal To Stay Organized

I am all about organization, even if I never feel like I’m organized enough. I have tried many different calendar apps and physical day planners, but I always come back to using iCal. Maybe I’m not original, but for me using iCal has been a lifesaver.
Jumping Around or Staying in Place?
Today I’m going to tell you 5 great reasons to use iCal and convince Laura that iCal is the way to go ;)!
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1. Use different calendars for different things. With iCal it is super easy to make calendars for different things. I have a calendar for School, Blogging, Doctor’s Appointments and a few other things. PRO TIP: There is no such thing as too many calendars!
2. Only show certain calendars. I’ll admit it, I have a lot of calendars. Ten to be exact. But I can easily show only certain calendars. Just want to see all your doctor appointments or when all your class projects are due? When you have iCal open, click on Calendars and you will see a list of your calendars. Clicking the ‘Show All Calendars’ button will quickly selected or deselect all your calendars.
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3. Color code your calendars. Different colors make it easy to look at your schedule and know what each thing on your calendar falls under. PRO TIP: If you have a Mac you can customize the calendar colors.
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4. Share your calendars. My mom and I share calendars, which is great for us because I am at work and school so much that it saves me from having to tell her my schedule everyday. I also use it to share a work schedule calendar with my department at work.
IMG_0692PRO TIP: You can share calendars with anyone who has an iCloud account and decide if they can edit the calendar or just view it. You can also invite people to individual events, even if they do not have an iCloud account. Invite them via email and they accept or reject your invitation. On the event you can keep track of the status of their invitation.
5. All the important details and more for each event! Events can be customized on how often they occur and you can even turn the repeat off. PRO TIP: This is great for college students because you can set your classes on your calendar and put the final day in all at the same time!

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