Using Pinterest to Storyboard

Using Pinterest to Storyboard
I’m probably using the word “storyboard” wrong, but last year I wrote a blog post about using pinterest as an author (you can’t read it because its not public anymore, but that’s because I’m expanding upon it.
As a blogger, I always have a big social media presence, especially on pinterest. As a writer though, sometimes it’s hard to see the value of Pinterest. So, today, I’m going to talk about three things you can use Pinterest for to storyboard and plot ideas for your novel. But first, take a look at my Pinterest board for The Assassin.
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1. What does everyone look like?
Models are great inspiration for kind of figuring out what your characters look like. Nothing is set in stone, and in fact, most characters have multiple photos. Putting these photos can give you a great idea of what your character may look like.
2. Quotes and Ideas
There’s lots of quotes on there, and while I won’t use any of them verbatim, they can be inspiration for scenes of lines of dialogue. You never know where inspiration can lie and these quotes are packed with ideas for me.
Do you use Pinterest to storyboard your book or novel? Here's three things you can add to your board. Share on X
3. The Map.
Pinterest has this really cool, but not-so-noticed thing called the map. If you click on the board, you’ll see that there’s a map on the background. This allows me to plot pins in locations. So, my book takes place in Washington DC, and I can add apartment complexes, the FBI building, and other places to a map. Pretty nifty for someone who has only been to DC once.
All of these things are on one pinterest board, which makes it nice to look over it. When I’m craving inspiration late at night, so I love to go on other boards and pin things that fit Cassie and everyone else.
So, tell me, how do you use pinterest to storyboard?
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