What I Read in February

What I Read in February 2021

February was a month that was short, but felt incredibly long. The third week of February was a literal frozen hell and even when it…

February was a month that was short, but felt incredibly long. The third week of February was a literal frozen hell and even when it wasn’t freezing outside, there was a lot of changes at my day job to the point where I felt like I had emotional whiplash throughout the month.

What I Read in February

Typically when I’m stressed, I tend to read more and write less. In February, I didn’t do much of either and even when I did read, it was slow. I finished two novels, got halfway through one, and read two graphic novels in a day.

1. Girls Like Us by Cristina Agler

The first book I read in February was Girls Like Us. I have another book by this author that I haven’t read yet, but it’s on my to-be-read cart. This book was a good read about an FBI agent dealing with the loss of her estranged father. While she’s home to deal with his funeral, she’s asked to help on the last case he was involved with (he was a police officer). The story goes back and forth on whether the main character thinks her dad was actually involved with the missing woman’s disappearance, before uncovering something much more sinister and complicated.

I will say, this gets half a bonus point for throwing a murderer in there I didn’t anticipate, but overall this was a nice read. 3.5/5

2. The Dating Plan by Sara Desai

After finishing that, I went to The Dating Plan, thinking I wanted something romantic for Valentine’s Day. This one took me a long time to read and it feels long for a romance book, at least compared to the ones I’ve read recently. I do love a good Irish boy (I’m dating one) and I loved that the two love interests had such different cultures and backgrounds, but I was reading this in the middle of the frozen hell week, so I was glad to finish it and be done. Whatever the story is, I can’t really detach it from that week and all the stress and anxiety I had, so I don’t feel like it’s fair for me to rate this book because I don’t know what I would fairly rate it.

Note: I got this book as part of my Book of the Month box in January, but according to Amazon, this comes out on March 16th.

3. Dead to Her by Sarah Pinborough

The third book I read is one I’m still reading, Dead to Her. I’m about a third of the way through and I’m really curious to see where this book is going. I’ll include more about this book in the next monthly wrap up.

4 and 5. Little Moments of Love and In Love and Pajamas by Cantana Chetwynd

The two other books I read were actually graphic novels, if you can call them that. They are both in the same series, from the Catana Comics, which are popular on Instagram. I read the second book, Snug, earlier last year around this time. This time around I picked up the first book, Little Moments of Love, and the newest that just came out, In Love & Pajamas.

I love this series for a few reasons: 1 – the comics are just super cute and 2 – I really found these comics on Instagram right around the time that my boyfriend and I were really moving into that phase of a committed relationship, besides just dating each other. As that happened, I would see of these comics that would remind me of specific moments between C (the boyfriend) and I, and it’s just a lovely little feeling to relate to. Both of these are 5/5 because feelings.

While I did technically read five books, I only finished two novels. I’m feeling ambitious this month and want to read five, including the book I’m finishing now. We’ll see if that happens or not, but stay tuned!

What did you read in February?

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