What I Wrote in April

What I Wrote in April

Something most authors never talk about is writing the sequel. How writing a sequel is so much harder than the first book, because now your readers know your characters and then you also have to up the ante. Then you get to a second sequel and you have to do it all again. Working on Justice and Lies, it’s dawned on me these past few weeks that this is part of my problem.


What I Wrote in AprilI don’t want to give anything away, but Cassie sees a lot of her life fall apart in this book, and it’s wonderful. However, I’ve definitely felt the struggle of this third book. I want it to be true to the first two books, but I also want it to kick their asses. Part of that was a major plot twist that takes place in the first third of the book (this is a plot twist for the whole series).

In April, I finally wrote this damn plot twist! And I felt like I was on top of the world, and it was a good twist. It was built up well and I think one of the best scenes I’ve probably ever written. I finished that up one night and then I was sick for a week, thus ending my writing streak.

I’m getting back into it now, but being sick for a week really threw me off. Then again, in everything in this pandemic is throwing me off. Writing is hard, and I know the updates this year have been dismal, but at least there are updates to be had.

I will say, with the way my writing has been picking up (before I got sick), I do think I can finish this by the end of the quarter. Here’s to hoping the second half of 2021 is a little more consistent with everything.


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