What I Wrote in February 2021

What I Wrote in February 2021

Fun fact: while one tries to stay warm from a winter apocalypse, one tends to ignore their own book. Then when one’s laptop has to be sent to Apple for repairs, one tends to not write because their computer is not there.

Did both of those things happen to me in February?

Yes, they did.

Did I still try to write some?

Yes, I did. Didn’t get far, but I managed two get almost three chapters of rewrites/edits done in this draft of Justice and Lies, so this is better than nothing. I’m trying to make sure I sit at my desk at least three or four days a week to write. I’m slower the older I get, for a variety of reasons.

However, I still carried on last month. I still wrote some words, even if it was only about 5,000 words. If I want to get this book out sometime in 2021, which I do, I really need to pick up the pace. In the past year, my schedule has changed a lot. However, work still stares at me when I’m at home, so I’ve struggled with setting up good routines that encourage writing.

Every week is an experiment trying to find the right place to write, but more importantly, succeeding in my fight against constant distractions. My whole apartment is one big distraction and a year in, I still haven’t figured out how to split that up in my brain to stay focused.

I’m trying to batch my content (like on this site and social media) so I can write more, but it’s still to early to tell how well it’s working. Hopefully by the end of this month, I’ll have a better idea.

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