What I Wrote in May

What I Wrote in May

Writing is a mental marathon, and lately I am on the struggle bus. Hell, I’ve been on the bus for a while now, and every time I think I’m making progress, I hit a snag. However I am still persistent and a broken record.

I try to keep track of how many words I get done each month, but even last month, I didn’t have an accurate number because I didn’t write them all down. For so long, I had this goal that I needed to do 10k a week, just to get caught up. As long as I’ve had this goal this year, I don’t think I’ve hit it once. Whoops.

What I Wrote in May

So for June, I’m breaking my goals down to the basics and focusing on each day at a time. After a nice vacation with my family, I want to take it one step at a time. I actually feel like I did this last week before vacation. I had a stretch of a few days where I was hitting 1,000 words each day, or if I wasn’t hitting that 1,000 word goal, it was because I finished a chapter and didn’t want to start a new one. That seems to be the new goal – either a thousand words each day, which I can do in under an hour if I just stay focused, or to finish my chapter.

Now that the world is starting to open up, I might start heading back to coffee shops to see if I can crank out some more words. I’m fully vaccinated and I have started going a few places without a mask (it’s weird). I did go to a local coffee shop/brewery here in Austin a couple weeks ago, and I got almost 2,500 words down before the beers slowed me down. The amount of distractions I face at my home really get to me somedays, especially after being here almost all the time for now fifteen months.

Distractions usually involve cleaning, or in this week’s case, trying to find my spare keys for my apartment (that will be part of a post later in the future) but I have struggled hard with those this past year. I do better when I write outside, but then there are allergies and wasps and bees, and I ain’t about that life.

So in June, I’m going to take it one day at a time, to build back this habit I have lost of showing up almost every day to write. I’ll be sharing the updates along on Instagram with my word count each day to keep myself accountable. If you aren’t already following me there, you can at @authorlaurateagan and have some fun.

The writing updates are nothing without actual writing, so the goal is to get back to the basics and get some words done.

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