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What I’m Writing in 2016

2016 is here! There’s always something that’s so nice about the beginning of the year. Goal setting, getting organized, everything is just lovely, isn’t it? 2015 was a huge year for my writing and now, it’s time to break down what I’m writing in 2016. I’m also going to give you a sneak peek on some things I’m working on to help writers like you!

What I'm Writing in 2016

What I’m Writing in 2016

Right now I’m working on Double Played, which is the sequel for The Assassin. I have an idea for a release date, but I’m holding on to it for just a little bit longer as I finish this draft and start edits. I will say I’m aiming for a release date in the first half of 2016.

After I finish my edits and I let the editor work on her stuff, I’m hoping to get started on the three-quel, which for the time being is just TA3 because I suck at names. Ideally, I’d love to put this out at the end of 2016. This probably won’t happen. That time line would be if I never find a job and I end up writing and blogging full time. Right now, I’m setting the path to eventually do that full time, but I would really like a job, too.

So, TA3 will probably be early 2017. How weird is that to think of?

What You’re Getting in 2016

Besides Double Played for your reading pleasure, I’m planning to release a couple e-books for writers! I don’t have specific dates lined up for these (helpfully sooner rather than later), but right now I have two e-books in the works.

And neither of these have working titles yet, but I’ll give you the basic breakdown. The first one will be for authors and building their social media/author platform online. Between blogging, social media experience, and my PR background, I want to help you build a foundation for success online.

The other one I’m working on is organizing for writers. Keeping everything together as a writer is hard. Notes, plot ideas, research, it all has to go somewhere, right?

Depending on what else happens in my life, I may have more later on in the year (nothing planned, but you never know!), and if I do, you’ll be the first to know.

2016 is going to be an epic writing year, I just know it. Now that I’ve shared what I’m working on, what will you be writing this year?

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