What to Expect Your First Week at Work

As of today, I’m officially a week and a half into my job. It’s been an interesting week and a half, with moments where I felt like I needed three of me to get things done, and other moments where I hated the feeling of being the newbie with not as much to do. Getting started in a new position can take a few adjustments, and today I want to talk about what to expect your first week at work.

What to Expect Your First Week at Work

1. You’ll have some moments where you don’t know what to do

And I guess that’s my way of saying you’ll have nothing to do. It’s just a matter of transition. If someone was doing your job before you came, it’ll take them some time to adjust to having you around. You’ll have to learn specific processes before you can do them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in these moments when you’re not sure what to do.

2. you’ll ask lots of questions

It’s only natural because you’re new, but it’s okay to ask lots of questions. Just remember, they’d rather answer your questions and have you do it right than to have it all wrong. When you do ask questions, you’ll want to take notes.

3. Take a lot of notes

Between meetings, learning opportunities, and just general thoughts you may have about something, you’ll be taking a lot of notes. Preferably on paper. Then you can use your smartphone and scan them into Evernote! Either way, get into the habit of taking notes on everything. Better safe than sorry, and if you have questions, you’ll have something to refer to later on.

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4. You’ll probably know no one, but they’ll all know you

At least if you’re at a company like mine. There’re about 40 people here, and they introduced me on my first day. So, everyone knows me and knows I’m new, but many times all I can offer is “I’ve seen you around” (names are not my strong suit). It’s okay. You’ll know everyone’s’ names in time.

5. Oh, and a lot of things will make no sense

Come on board in the middle of a project? Yep, you’ll have to catch up. Use a specific program at your job? Guess who gets to learn it all in a week. Regardless of what you’re doing at your job, you’ll have to learn a lot of things.

6. Lunch break is a great time to explore

Not going to lie, I like knowing where things. I’ve had family in Austin my whole life, but they live on the other side of town, so I’m not familiar with this side of town. Lunch breaks have given me the opportunity to see what’s out there. If you’re looking for a place to live, you could look for things of that nature, too.
Your first week at work will feel a lot like a roller coaster, and you’ll probably be overwhelmed and exhausted by the end of each day. I don’t want to say it gets easier as time goes on, but it definitely will feel more familiar.
Any tips you have for your first week at work?

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