What to Take on Your First Day of Work

Today is the start of my fourth week at work. The end of the month, and the end of a new transitioning phase. Talk about weird. This past week we had some new girls join the team, and it made me think about my first day at work (which was only three weeks ago). Because I had a lot of questions, I figured I’d break down what to take on your first day of work, sort of like what I did for your first day of class.
What to Take on Your First Day of Work
Your first day of work will be interesting (see here to read more about what to expect your first week of work), but bringing all the right things will help you be successful as much as you can be!
A Laptop | Most places work on laptops now. It’s just the way of the 21st century, I guess. But you’ll probably have to set up a work email, learn the basics of things, and you never know if your company will give you a laptop, so it’s best to have your own just in case.
Lunch (or money for Lunch) | Your coworkers may offer to take you for lunch, but if not, it’s always good to take your lunch (and it’s cheaper).
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A Planner | How could you not take a planner? You’ll have tasks, meetings, and so much more. Use your planner to have one place to dump all your information into. Even better if you start color coding from the get-go.
A Notebook | for those moments you can’t use your laptop!
A Jacket | Maybe it’s just in Texas, but it seems like every building is cold at some point. And because of my autoimmune disease, I become a frozen popsicle. So more than anything, I need a jacket!
Good shoes | Something nice, but classy. Think flats or wedges. You never know how much walking you’ll be doing, and you don’t want your feet hating you at the end of the day.
Chargers |  Both phone and computer.
A water bottle | I drink a lot of water during the day, like probably too much. Staying hydrated is important, though, and there’s nothing better than some straight up H20.
A Bag |  Obviously you’ll need a bag for all of this, so be sure to find something cute to take to work. I currently carry a Vera Bradly laptop bag to work, and I love it!
You want to know what else is awesome? To make sure you remember all of this (and a few extra goodies), I’ve put together an Evernote checklist, so you can pick your favorite and have an awesome first day of work. Sign up down below, and you’ll receive access to your lists!

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