What’s Coming in 2020

I’ve been moving boxes for almost a week now down three flights of stairs and up another three flights. My arms hurt typing this and my legs are getting a damn good workout. I’ve moved every year since I was 18 and I’m really over it but this was a change I needed to make. The living situation I was in was stressful for me for a variety of reasons and finally, after years of dreaming, I’ve made it to the point where I can do this.

There were a few reasons I was hesitant to live on my own: money and mental health.

Money is pretty self-explanatory, rent is expensive but I’ve finally earned a job I can work and live alone so why not?

Mental health was a little harder. Most of my life, I’ve drifted in and out of lives, but I always felt like the convent friend. Like my friends were there if it was convenient for them, which I get. We all have friends like that whether we realize it or not. But as someone who has battled depression since childhood, along with some anxiety, in college I would go through days when I wouldn’t have roommates at home and after a while (like at the end of a weekend), I’d be in a state, a really bad state.

So many times I just needed someone there, even just a body to sit on the floor and scroll on their phone if they wanted to. For the few friends I felt like I could ask, I didn’t want to be a burden and have to take up valuable time.

What's Coming in 2020

Sometimes I still feel like that, but 2019 was the year I really brought people into my life in town that I could lean on if I need to. Between work friends, a college friend moving to Austin, and meeting my boyfriend, those things have empowered me to feel like I have the support here to do this.

I know I’ll have bad moments still, but knowing there are people there that I can go see, that makes a difference.

Right now, the little apartment is covered in boxes and I need to do some serious decluttering but once I get done with that, it’s time to get back to work. I’m not anywhere close to being done with unpacking but the creative bug is starting to itch real bad lately. Which is what brings you this post, a look at what’s coming in 2020!

Justice and Lies

All Cassie Morgan wants is for everyone to forget she exists. A former foster child, she spent most of her life hiding in plain sight, first in foster care and then as an FBI agent. It’s been four years since she became a national obsession after arresting her long-lost father.

It’s been four years of delays, but now Cassie gets to face her father when she testifies at his trial – one that the country will be watching. But days before the trial starts, a suspicious box address to Cassie with a stark warning ruins her sting operating and drags her back to the underground criminal world of Brent Rossett and his mob.

Wanting to put this part of her history in the past, Cassie knows the only way to stop it is to dismantle the mob and its lies from the inside. With help from her old team and a source deep on the inside, Cassie might get the opportunity to finally set the story straight and end it.

While that’s the first book I’m going to be working on, I want to also make some serious ground with Hit List, the follow up to Justice and Lies. When I was working on these books in 2017, I imagined that Hit List would take start about twenty-four hours after Justice and Lies. These two books are almost one in my mind, so I would love to get them both out around the same time. Only time will tell if Hit List comes out in 2020 or 2021. Either way, these two books are my main focus until they’re done! 2020, here we go!

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