Why I Love the Discbound System

I’m just going to come out and say it: I am an office supply junkie.  Over the weekend, I was cleaning out my desk area and I realized: if the world suddenly has a colored pen supply shortage, they just need to come to me. I have more than enough.
the disc bound system
That being said, I’m constantly looking for new ways to improve my productivity and tools that can help me stay organized. Which is why I fell in love with the Discbound system.
The disc bound system is a binder/notebook that has discs for rings instead of a three ring binder. The holes on the pages almost look like little mushrooms. My friend Eileen was the first one to really introduce me to the Discbound system, and while I don’t know if she still uses it, I love this system. 
I would actually probably say this system is the most left-handed friendly notebook/binder system out there. Having spent my life dealing with the problems that come as a left-handed person, finding a system that my left-handedness can work with? Pretty freaking awesome.
Here’s a few reasons why the left-handed ginger that I am loves the disc bound system.
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1. It’s like a notebook. Because of the discs working as the rings, this system works like a notebook, and you can flip it in on itself. Which means you don’t even notice the rings. folded-notebook
2. The Pages Come out so easy. I hate three ring binders, they’re bulky and I catch fingers on them all the damn time. These pages come out so easy, you just pull from the top and the page comes out. All it takes is a little pressure to put the page back in.

The three ring sizes I have. Half inch, inch, and inch and a half.

3. All the Accessories. Yes, the hole punch for disc bound (at least the one I bought at Staples) is a little expensive, but the amount of use I’ve had from this thing is amazing. There’s plenty of online stores that sell discbound systems. you can also customize your ring size. Most disc bound systems come with half inch discs, but you can build them up to an inch and a half.\
Discbound notebooks are my favorite. I use them for school, blogging, my idea notebook for my series is discbound, even my planner is discbound. Yes, I do have some three ring binders, but at some point, I will be switch everything to discbound.
If you find the three ring system to be boring, give a discbound binder a try. You can order them online, or if you have a local Staples, they have a whole line, the Arc System.
Have you ever used the discbound system?

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