Why I Want You to Read Anything

Why I Want You to Read Anything

Read a book. After you finish reading this post, go read a book. Seriously, go read a book. I know it’s not cool to read anymore but as a reader and an author, I want you to read a book – any book, doesn’t have to be any of mine. You see there are plenty of reasons I want you to read a book – and there are reasons you should want to read a book, too. I want you to read anything – whether it’s a 1,000 page fantasy epic or 50 Shades of Gray, I want you to just read.

Why I Want You to Read Anything

Why should you read?

1. Science Says Reading is Good for You

Reading can expand your vocabulary, give you mental stimulation, and it’s a great form of escapism after a long day. If you feel like you’re distracted all the time, reading can help build your focus and can provide stress release. One of my favorite things about reading is that it can be so much like watching TV, except with the power of imagination, I get to decide what everything looks like in my head. All of these are great for your health and you’ll become smarter just by reading a novel. Say hello to some big words.

2. I always want someone to talk about books with

So many people I know say they hate reading – and it has to be for a few different reasons but for a lot of my friends it seems to be that they have lost the love of reading. It’s like going to the gym (Which I am trying and failing to get back into). The first time you sit down for a while to read a book, it can be hard, it’s easy to get distracted and you might hate it. But after you read, you’ll feel better – entertained.

Some people hate it because reading takes longer than watching a movie – and yes, that’s true. But books have so much more detail and a larger experience than any movie ever could.

And I love talking about books with people. I love the feeling of having a moment in a book when two people can bond over it. My mom and I talk about books we’ve read together and I love it, but I want to talk about books with other people, too! Just like the latest Netflix binge show, you can do that with books! There are book clubs for this – and human interaction is important too!

3. When you read one book, you open the possibility for all the books

This one is a tad bit selfish – but when you start reading books, there’s always the smallest chance you’ll find your way to one of my books or a book from a friend maybe. Reading any book helps the writing community as a whole and helps authors individually. As you start reading, you read more and more and it’s a mutually-beneficial relationship when you start reading.

At the end of the day though, reading a great book comes with a rush of emotions that you don’t get to enjoy with just anything. That’s a feeling I. want everyone to read – the gasping out loud, want to throw the book at the wall, the crying because you’re so happy for the characters – all of those are feelings you feel reading a book. And I want everyone to experience that.

So read a book, read anything.

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