Why I Write

why-i-write-twoI’ve been writing for seven years now, almost eight. In the past seven and a half years, I’ve learned that my love for words only grows. In school, I’m a creative writing minor and I’m constantly surrounded by amazing stories.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been looking to entertain. To tell a great story. I’m always one looking for the joke to tell, the funny “that would happen to me” moments. Writing is a way to tell a story that is so much more than just myself.

Writing is the food for my soul. There’s nothing like that thrill of writing an intense scene or finishing a draft. That feeling of finding a new plot bunny. Words and books are my life. Other things are too, but all I want to be is a writer. My major was specifically chosen because it’s a writing intense major. My minor is full of writing, the list goes on and on. Writing is the way I feel alive.

For a writer, writing is something we can’t quit. I hope I never quit. I hope for the rest of my life, I’m writing something. Writing is what I do, a writer is what I am.

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