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Woman, Strong

Yesterday, I read this interview article with Selena Gomez. She talked briefly about how being a strong woman can be a problem when it comes to dating.

And I can totally relate. I’ve fought depression. I’ve lived with a special needs brother for as long as I can remember. I’ve saved a former friend from suicide. I’ve had to save myself from suicide before. Strong is pretty much all I know how to do because I have to be strong for myself.

Woman, Strong

Let me give a disclaimer before I keep going on: Not every guy is like this, but for the sake of this article, let’s just think of the stereotypical, smooth-talker guy.

Maybe it’s evolution, maybe it’s the media, maybe, probably, it’s a bit of both, but for whatever reason you may believe, men are always portrayed as the strong ones. Are they? Well, yes, men are more often than not, stronger than women. Physically.

But, women are strong too. Strong emotionally. Emotions are just as powerful as anything physical. I can’t speak for every woman, but for me, strong doesn’t even seem like a choice anymore. I don’t know how to not be strong.

I know some guys in college get overwhelmed by how much I do, trust me, I’m overwhelmed by it all. But does being strong really compromise being a possibly good girlfriend? I understand that guys want to be the breadwinners. But why can’t we be breadwinners together? Honestly, to me, it wouldn’t matter who would make more or anything, but I want to help. I like my work and what I do. If a guy can’t accept that fact that I’m constantly on the go, he isn’t worth it.

I’m a strong woman, I’ve learned to be dependent on myself (and my mom and dad, at least for now). I want a man who realizes that I want a man, I don’t need him.

But, until I find him, I’m going to just be my strong, independent self. Cause I don’t know who else to be.

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