My Year in 2017: Writing Edition

Hello end of the year! 2017 was a insane year for me, but throughout it all, I still had my writing. This year didn’t quite end up the way I thought it would.

My Year in 2017: Writing Edition

The year was spent working on two books – two books I thought would be out by now.

Justice & Lies is the third book in the Cassie Morgan series, and over some rewrites, it drastically changed. The main plot line didn’t really change – I’ve had that pinned down for a few years, but the order of events shuffled around. Given how tight the time frame is between Justice & Lies and Hit List is, one change can have a huge impact on both books.

While I’ve rewritten both books a couple times, I’m almost done with a rewrite of Hist List. A big part of my editing process is just rewriting the whole draft a few times – it allows me to get a better understanding about what I may or may not need in a book and it allows me to keep stories tight.

I’m hoping this is the last rewrite, but after – I’ll still be doing some heavy edits to make sure all the details line up across both stories – and with previous stories.

This year has involved a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make sure 2018 features some really awesome stories. There isn’t much else to say except stay tuned!

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