The Ginger's Blog Tips: Contact Page

Contact pages are very, very, extremely important. But, not as as important as about me pages for one reason only. Why would someone want to contact you if they really know nothing about you? And even then, when someone does contact you, it’s usually easy to see if they’ve read anything on your blog.

Your contact page is a great way to engage people to start conversations and for brands to work with you. Contact pages are great ways to meet other bloggers, whether you contact her with a question or you’re looking to work together on a project or advertise. These pages are also great for money.

If a company finds you and wants to work with you, chances are, they’re going to read your contact page for information to get a hold of you. Companies will contact you to write a post or do a review and you usually will be paid and can get some pretty cool things out of it!

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What should you have on your contact page? Well, a contact form is usually the best thing to have (I still need to set mine up), but if you don’t have a form, you need to at least include your email. It never hurts to include links to your social media accounts either. When I find a blogger I like, I’m more inclined to follow along if I can find all the follow links easily.

Contact pages are the easiest pages to create and make and usually you don’t have to ever update them unless you rebrand. So, go, make your contact page if you haven’t yet!

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