Using Evernote: A New Series

It’s taken a while for me to really grasp note taking apps. For a long time, I was using Evernote (read a post about it here), then Laney, a contributor here on Ginger & Co. did a series on Onenote and convicted me to give it a try.

Using Evernote

I did for three months, then one morning, a friend asked me about Evernote, and without even thinking about why, I switched back. So, I’ve been using Evernote for a few months now and I’m realizing just how much it’s becoming a part of my life.

I have numerous e-books on it, it opens up as soon as I login to my computer. I send all my really important emails to Evernote, and I save articles to it. The list of things I use Evernote for is vast. But, I realized, there’s not many places where you can get a big list of what this program does, so I’ll be working on a huge list of Evernote.

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There’ll be posts starting from the basics, all the way to my favorite tips and tricks. I’m really excited to do this series, because I’m obsessed with productivity apps, and I’ll look for any excuse to talk about stuff.

Next week, I’ll talk about the basics – setting up your account and notebooks.

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