My October in Review

As part of my process for a monthly review and outlook post, I like to see what I wrote last go around. See what was on my radar at the beginning of the month and see what has changed.

October was definitely a month where there was a lot that changed. I briefly posted about this on Instagram and in my newsletter (which you should sign up for if you haven’t already), but about a third into the month, just days after I had my fifth anniversary with the company, my day job decided to lay off my department.

After a year and a half of so many changes, lay offs in other places, having my job changed so many times because that’s where the company needed me best, I’ll admit, I was shocked. I guess I had become a little jaded after surviving all those changes, surely they wouldn’t kill the whole sales department?

Well, I was wrong.

Obviously, with that, there was some grief. I spent a few days kind of lost and in shock and not sure what was going to happen, and then picked up my sad little ass and five days later, I was applying for jobs. I’ve picked up a few freelance positions to help cover some bills, but I’m hoping to find a full time job at some point. So my goals did change a bit in this month, but I did get started on some of these and make progress.

G O A L O N E:

I originally thought I was going to go back to Hit List for this goal, and maybe I will in November for NaNoWriMo (especially since I managed to rig the PTO game and get my whole birthday week off), but first I’m going to focus on another project.

I’m writing a romance novel, but not under this name. I’ll be creating a whole new pen name for this adventure. Writing a romance has been on my “someday” goals list for a while, but I’m not quite ready to write Cassie’s ending, so I’m delaying it just a tad.

Good, better, best goal: 50,000 words/ 75,000 words/90,000 words

Currently at about 34,000 words so I’m at least on target to hit 75,000 words, if not 90,000 words. Just need my elbow to behave.

G O A L T W O:

Create fun book related content to grow my following on Tiktok and promote book sales and my newsletter.

Good, better, best goals:

200/500/1000 followers on tiktok

50/75/100 email subscribers.

I don’t want to talk about this one.

G O A L T H R E E:

Take care of my self and work for a daily average score of 70. Maybe I’ll go through this method someday, but right now, I’m just trying to build momentum in my life.

I think I’m doing okay at this. Now that I have extra time, I’ve been going on walks many days a week and I’m more creative. Except when it’s 30 something degrees and raining outside.

I just feel like every month has had something big happen this year, whether it was the end of chat, or my first vacation as an adult (which led to Covid), but this by far was the biggest plot twist I did not see coming. Now I just have to figure out what happens in the story next.

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